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Allmax Impact PUMP 360g

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To achieve maximum muscular growth a pump (or hyperemia) is essential. IMPACT PUMP was created to deliver exactly what you need to achieve that envy-inducing next level pump every time you train. This formula delivers only the best, cutting-edge, scientifically validated ingredients to achieve MASSE pumps for MAXIMUM growth.

  • Laser-focused mind-muscle connection
  • Vein-popping amplified vascularity
  • Massive pumps for maximum growth

Growth-stimulating pumps:

Bodybuilders have long sought the exhilaration of pulse-pounding pumps. They loved the look and feel but what they didn't all know was that the pump was also physically causing profound muscle growth. Physical pressure on the cells caused by the pump during intense physical training triggers myofibril hypertrophy (muscle cell growth). IMPACT PUMP has combined all the best pump-inducing ingredients at full clinical dosages into one powerful formula.

Nootropic fueled focus:

Staying focused at the gym isn't always easy but it is essential. Today's best trainers recognize the performance gains that can be achieved by making that mind-muscle connection. The more you can improve the connection between your brain and your muscles, the more muscle fibers you can recruit into action to perform a lift. IMPACT PUMP's AlphaMind Focus Blend helps achieve that brain to muscle connection at the neuromuscular junction.