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ANS Dilate 270g

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DILATE is the most powerful non-stim volume inducing pre-workout on the market. Experience incredible muscle pumps and extreme vasculariy with just one scoop of this new and improved formula. DILATE is loaded with pure L-Citrulline, Hydromax® Glycerol and Agmatine to boost performance and pumps. Also included is the new potent nitric oxide promoter VASO6TM which is 10X more effective than arginine! While amazing on its own , DILATE also stacks perfectly with any pre-workout or BCAA for a massive enhancement in performance pumps and endurance.


• 2x the L-Citrulline & Agmatine Sulfate of the original version for maximum pumps with just 1 scopp

• Hydromax enhances muscle cell hydration, plasma volume and endurance

• Features novel nitric oxide stimulator VSDO6 for unrivaled vasodilation, oxygen and nutrient delivery • Stackable with your favorite pre-workout or BCAA

• Perfect stim-free option or for training at night, with no creatine or beta-alanine tingles

• Zero caffeine, zero carb formula