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Vega Sport NightTime Rest & Repair Protein 401g - 426g

by Vega

Size (servings)

Sleep well tonight. Train hard tomorrow.

Vega Sport® Nighttime Rest & Repair is about dedicating yourself to recovery the way you do training: commit to it and make it happen. Each serving contains 3mg non-habit-forming melatonin to help you sleep well. You’ve got magnesium to help support proper muscle function. You’ll also get 18g plant-based protein and essential amino acids to help repair body tissues and support muscle protein synthesis. All while you sleep.

Wind down after a tough training session (or a long day) with something sweet – without compromising purposeful nutrition. Mix delicious flavors Chocolate Strawberry or Vanilla Caramel with 1-2 cups of water and sip at or before bedtime.  

  • 3mg non-habit-forming melatonin
  • 18g plant-based protein to help support muscle repair
  • Support muscle repair while you sleep with essential amino acids
  • Magnesium and calcium
  • Drink at or before bed to set yourself up for tomorrow’s training
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners