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La 1re place au palmarès WOW! || 1st place in the WOW Leger survey

1st place in the WOW Leger survey

By : Team Popeye's 


This year, we have really set ourselves apart from the competition by getting 1st place in the WOW Leger survey no need to tell you how proud we are regarding this great accomplishment. 
Let’s break down exactly how it works: this online survey is sent to more than 12 000 Quebecers aged 15 years+ who have visited at least one retail store during the target period. 
In total, the assessment included 180 retailers part of 23 industries. Each retailer was evaluated by +/- 400 respondents who had visited one of their stores.  


The evaluation was based on 16 features pooled into 5 large categories: 

  • Products 
  • Pricing 
  • Service 
  • Store 
  • Personalization 


Product quality 

Popeye’s 71% (1st place) vs 63% in 2019 

Product variety 

Popeye’s 77% (1st place) vs 71% in 2019  

Discoveries and new products 

Popeye’s 62% (1st place) vs 51% in 2019  


Price competitiveness 

Popeye’s 54% (1st place) vs 49% in 2019 

Promotional events 

Popeye’s 64% (1st place) vs 56% in 2019  


Employee professionalism 

Popeye’s 71% (1st place) vs 65% in 2019 

Employee expertise 

Popeye’s 79% (1st place) vs 71% in 2019  

Employee availability 

Popeye’s 75% (1st place) vs 70% in 2019  

Checkout counter efficiency 

Popeye’s 76% (1st place) vs 71% in 2019 

Importance given to customers 

Popeye’s 59% (1st place) vs 52% in 2019 

The store 

Store atmosphere 

Popeye’s 64% (2nd place) vs 60% in 2019 

Store layout 

Popeye’s 70% (2nd place) vs 67% in 2019 


Popeye’s 63% (2nd place) vs 57% in 2019 

Store signage 

Popeye’s 57% (2nd place) vs 50% in 2019  


Sense of belonging 

Popeye’s 66% (1st place) vs 53% in 2019  

Customer loyalty program 

Popeye’s 62% (1st place) vs 53% in 2019 

These results clearly show there’s been overall progress compared to 2019! 

The importance of omnichannel marketing was also analyzed by Leger. Omnichannel marketing is focused on providing all points of contact with properly integrated and consistent service. For instance, we are able to look up the inventory of a point of sales online, to know our customers no matter the channel while having the possibility to pick up an online order at the counter. Omnichannel marketing facilitates the process of gathering information as well as making online purchases! 

Popeye’s has scored 64% in regards to this category, which puts them in 1st place. We had scored 49% in 2019. 


According to the study, Popeye’s Supplements offered the best customer service experience throughout the Quebec province in 2021. Our customer service experience stands out – thanks to the availability and particular skills of our employees. As far as this topic goes, our customers rave about how they’re handled right when they enter the store – our passionate sales associates offer personalized advice regarding their objectives, workouts programs or any tips in order to boost their health. 

We are ranking 1st in our industry and 1st among all retailers across Quebec in 2021! 

We are ranking 2nd in comparison to the other 180 retailers part of this survey regarding three components of customer service, which are employee expertise, availability and how efficient they are at checkout. 

Popeye’s highlights in comparison to our industry: 

Sense of belonging 

A sense of belonging to a store is directly tied to customer experience and is the biggest factor in recommending a retailer, whatever the industry. This usually ranks top 3 in every industry, if not in first place.  There’s also a striking correlation between the sense of belonging and WOW factor. The best retailers are all getting great ratings compared to their industry rivals. 

Identifying yourself to a store, sticking to the same values, mission, actions and image help to give a sense of belonging. A strong belief makes you feel like you’re part of the organization or community, while staying connected and contributing to its development. 

We are not just outplaying our industry – we are also first in the whole province of Quebec! We are also good second in the province of Quebec as far as employee enthusiasm goes! 

Likelihood to recommend  

In conclusion, Leger also asked this question: how likely are you to recommend this business...to a friend, colleague or family member? 

About 88% of our customers have given a positive response (7 out of 10 or more).  The industry average is about 81%. 

Promoters (9 or 10) are at about 50% while the industry average is 38%.  

After having seen these numbers, we want to thank you for enjoying your experience and for recommending us. We are satisfied with what we have accomplished in 2021, but we really want to remain on top and keep improving in 2022.  

Thank you for your loyalty!

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