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Fish Oil & Omegas

You know that thing that pretty much anyone can use, and no matter your situation, is still wildly useful? Yeah, that's Omega-3s, a fatty acid that does a little bit of everything. Good for heart health, blood pressure, fat loss, anti-inflammation, brain (and mental) health, and the list keeps rolling.

Usually, the best place to get Omega-3s are from fish - since they take the Omega-3s in algae and concentrate them, this way you don't have to spend your day munching on algae. So, we took that and made it into an oil. Nature is cool like that.

But in case you don't want/like/are allergic to fish, we still got you covered with omega-3s from vegan sources - also known as the algae that fish would eat. So, don't worry, there’s always a way to get your essential fats.