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Vitamins & minerals

Many diets focus on how to split your diet. Protein here, fats there, no carbs ever, unless you do X, Y and Z. The recommendations, conditions, and patterns are ever-changing. But one thing that does not change? Every diet, no matter its composition, needs vitamins and minerals to work.

Vitamins take the food you consume and turn into everything you need – muscle, bones, brains, energy, DNA, ATP, and every other material you need to keep your brain piloting the suit that is your body.

For that reason, Popeye’s Supplements is your reference vitamin & supplements store. We offer a large variety of vitamins and mineral supplements your body needs – either individually, or in combinations large and small to help you get everything your body needs to make your diet work, regardless of what that diet may have you eating.

Try our multivitamin supplements and our multi mineral products!