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I’m sure if we were to say we have metal in our bodies, and not only that, we NEED the metal to live, you’d raise your eyebrows a little bit, or assume we’re talking about Metallica. But it’s true! We need a BUNCH of metals to live, like iron to make our blood (it's great for carrying around oxygen), zinc for specific reactions, calcium for our bones, potassium to send signals, and magnesium for literally EVERYTHING.

Minerals are even important to keep hydrated - without them, we’re going to feel way more thirsty and tired than we should be, and that always is gonna show up in our performance.

To make up for that, we have a bunch of different mineral supplements, either as a solo act, or working together, each one serving a different purpose and giving you the nutrients you need!

That’s pretty Metal, if you think about it. (Still not sorry about the puns)