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Whey isolate

We already have whey for protein, but what happens if you turn up the quality? Filter it some more, get it to be as pure as you can, and poof! A whey protein isolate appears, with even MORE protein per serving than just a regular whey. On top of that, you don’t even have the stuff in whey you don’t want - sugars like lactose that give you a bad case of the runs! This means you want to choose isolate whenever you need to get rid of gluten or lactose.

Whey isolate, also known as isolate protein, can be useful to build muscle or just give you shake extra punch with a creamy and delicious texture!

Whey isolate comes in powder form. There are different flavors that will blend perfectly with your preparations.

Popeye's Supplements has selected the best whey isolate brands to ensure you get the results you want.