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Yummy Sports

Yummy Sports

YUMMY SPORTS is a business entirely from Quebec based on the South Shore of Montreal. Their supplement line displays the founders’ values: integrity, transparency and enjoyment. The product offering relies on quality ingredients and uses efficient formulations designed to suit everyone’s needs. Their colored look and flavors are as explosives as others – their eagerness to introduce the products and make them as appealing as possible enables us to stand out as far as other supplement companies are concerned. We develop, manufacture and distribute everything locally, while our suppliers are all located less than 40 km away from our Delson factory. On top of respecting the environment, our product indirectly involves more than 150 Quebecers through the production process. YUMMY SPORTS was created in order for you to reach your objectives in the most delicious way possible – there’s no need to think about your “cheat day” anymore when your supplements are so yummy!

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