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ATP Trans-resveratrol 60 cap

by ATP Lab

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Trans Resveratrol Promotes:

  • Modulates function of estrogen receptor at cellular level.
  • Anti-estrogenic prevents excess endogenous estrogen binding to receptors.
  • Reduces aromatization to estradiol.
  • Improve metabolic activity via improvement in beta oxidation activity.
  • AO properties linked to anti-cancer 3 ways; mutation/growth/metastasis.
  • Reduction of platelet aggregation.

Anti-inflammatory Activity:

  • Resveratrol can inhibit blood platelet aggregation. Following an arterial walllesion, platelets latch on to damaged parts of the blood vessel, producing DPAand thromboxane A2. These compounds set off platelet aggregation,and the thromboxane A2 provokes vasoconstriction. The accumulation of a largenumber of platelets forms a compact mass that may obstruct the artery.
Antioxidant Action:
  • Excessive production of free radicals in the body can cause significant damageto cells. This process also disrupts the function of the cell membrane and producescarcinogenic by-products. Free radical attacks on DNA can cause carcinogenicmutations, while attacks on proteins inhibit enzymes and throw off cell signalsrelated to proliferation and defense. Resveratrol also has remarkable anticancerproperties: it fights the formation of free radicals, it protects DNA from damagecaused by chemicals, and it neutralizes carcinogens in the liver.

Estrogenic Effect:

  • Resveratrol promotes anti-estrogenic action by preventing the most powerfulendogenous estrogens from latching on to estrogen receptors. It belongsto the family of SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulators) molecules.Resveratrol’s activity on the alpha estrogen receptors is significant, but its affinityfor these receptors is about 7000 times less than that of estrogen itself. In otherwords, resveratrol can latch on to the receptor in such a way as to blockmore powerful and toxic estrogen metabolites from binding and influencingbiological function.