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50% off the 2nd item, mix & match!
50% off the 2nd item, mix & match!

Beyond Yourself SuperSet StimFree 600g

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TRAIN GREAT, EVEN LATE. SuperSET PRE, now stim-free!
We took the DNA of your favourite ultra-intensity powerhouse pre-workout, SuperSET, and created SuperSET Stim-free, the ultimate stimulant-free pre-workout for maximum power and maximum pumps.

Pump chasers rejoice! We kept all the powerful and proven, fully dosed ingredients from the original formula and just removed the vasoconstricting stimulants. As a result, SuperSET Stim-Free unleashes a pump like you've never experienced to take your training to the next level. So prepare yourself for muscle swelling and skin splitting pumps coming from our industry-leading 9g MEGA dose of pure L-citrulline, combined with 1.5g of agmatine sulphate.
But this isn't just another non-stim pump focused pre-workout. SuperSET Stim-Free goes beyond the pump with ingredients scientifically proven to make you stronger and reduce muscular fatigue while enhancing cognitive performance through boosting neurotransmitters to transform your workouts with a new level of intensity.

Whether you are training late, resetting your adrenals, or you're just serious about getting a pump, SuperSet Stim-Free is your new secret weapon!
It's time to ditch the caffeine addiction. It's time to get serious and #GoBeyond with SuperSET Stim-Free!