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Younited Energy Activator 160g

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Kickstart your day and stay energized with the Energy Activator! Formulated with clinically researched Peak O2 and Spectra, to enhance energy production, improve strength and endurance, while supporting mitochondrial function. This natural energy drink improves overall cellular energy production while neutralizing free radicals and increasing blood flow to muscles and organs for better cardiovascular and lung function.

✓ Made in Canada
✓ Health Canada Approved
✓ Naturally sweetened and flavoured
✓ Sugar and dairy free
✓ Paleo
✓ Keto
✓ Vegan

Phytonutrients, Spectra, beet root, and grape seed extract help maximize nitric oxide production.

Resveratrol, CoQ10, mango extract, and apple extract enhance mitochondrial energy production.

Clinically-dosed Peak O2 improves endurance and strength while decreasing recovery time.

Clinically-dosed Spectra (phytonutrient blend) reduces inflammation, enhances cellular oxygen consumption, improves ATP regeneration, preserves more muscle glycogen, enhances lactate clearance for less muscle fatigue, reduces oxidative stress, and serves as neutralizing free radicals and as a nitric oxide booster that improves overall cell function and increases blood flow for better cardiovascular and lung function.