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Comment bien te garder au chaud || How to keep yourself warm

How to keep yourself warm


By : Team Popeye's 

Christmas decorations have taken over all stores, and we are officially entering “Christmas preparation” mode.
Fewer daylights hours have shortened our days and the first snowfall is knocking at our doors.
This blog is not intended as a weather report, but rather a great way to provide some useful tips to get through those temperature changes. As we have seen before, temperatures may drop below freezing and fall season slowly makes room for winter.
Because it gets a little colder outside and we have started turning the heat up or putting logs in the fireplace, our house isn’t the only thing that needs to get warmed up: our body also needs some heat!

1 - Magnum Heat Accelerated

Without further ado, here’s a supplement that might help you fight the cold temperatures: Magnum Heat Accelerated. This Magnum product combines different types of caffeine and stimulants, which will help raise the body’s core temperature and burn more calories.

In addition to heating up your body just like a hot chocolate would after building a snow fort, this product provides a perfectly balanced formula in order to avoid any side effects caused by an excessive caffeine intake. Having heart palpitations or an energy crash, no way!

This product also keeps your body firing on all cylinders, thanks to a combination of bitter orange, Cayenne pepper and sesamin. Here’s a friendly tip: try this product with your girlfriend before she attacks you with her frozen feet as you get into bed!

Magnum Heat Accelerated

Magnum Heat Accelerated helps increasing blood flow, which in turn raises the body’s temperature, and improves blood circulation within the vascular system.

Having said that, you are less likely to suffer from numbness of foot or frostbites. I can already imagine some of you will admit their guilt after a day on the slopes or at the outdoor rink!

On a serious note, we are offering you a product capable of providing your body with a lot of energy as well as improved blood flow. This is simply a go-to supplement!

2 - EHP Labs Oxyshred

Oxyshred from EHP Labs is another great product that fits the same criteria. In addition to being effective, the thermogenic properties offer great mood and immunity boosting effects. Here’s a product that supports your immunity and mood. Who wouldn’t want to try it?


Oxyshred contains CLA, L-carnitine and raspberry ketones which are key in ensuring the thermogenic effects specifically arise from fat burning. Potent ingredients like Acetyl-carnitine, olive leaf extract and green coffee beans will speed up your metabolism and increase your body temperature.

As we usually say in the fitness community, this is a win-win situation as you will be burning all the extra fat while staying warm!

Huperzine A is another great addition to this product on a daily basis. And not only when you're cold!

To summarize the whole thing, Huperzine A improves focus and muscle contraction, while taurine can level off your caffeine intake and prevent palpitations. In addition, this supplement helps immune health with glutamine and vitamin C.

Lastly, if you prefer mixing this product with water rather than having to swallow a pill, Oxyshred will meet your needs. The powder easily dissolves in water and is pretty simple to drink.

3 - ATP Adiposlim

The third product we are suggesting is ATP Adiposlim.

The two previous options included stimulants. Stimulants are nice, but they might not be suitable for everyone. We are completely aware of that! This is why we are recommending this product.

Adiposlim is the best non-stim thermogenic fat burner. That’s right, this blend is formulated to get you warm on those cold fall and winter days! It also cuts down on fat, so that makes it a key performer in boosting your health!

Adiposlim prevents fat from building back up (adipogenesis), while its high oligonol content reduces signs of blood lipids and glucose.

Other ingredients like wild mango and wakame are known to help the body efficiently process insulin and leptine, which are key contributors to fat burning and a healthy metabolism.

We're getting a little off topic, but it's also pretty relevant to show that Adiposlim is a great product for overall health. But don't worry, it's also proven to keep you warm.


So, you can enjoy winter, go hiking, cross-country skiing, skating, or just looking at the beautiful snowy landscape without shivering!

With these three products, you can increase your body heat, so no need to turn up the heat and watch your Hydro-Quebec bill skyrocket!

Try these products and let us know what you think.

If you need any other tips, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you!







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