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ATP Lab chocolate pudding

The famous ATP Boss Protein Chocolate Pudding

Vincent Comtois - ATP Lab
By: Vincent Comtois, Owner, ATP Lab

Vincent Comtois, the owner of ATP Labs, gives us his famous recipe for protein chocolate pudding! 🍫 It's easy, fast and healthy... everything we love!

Nutritional information

Per portion: calories 118; proteins 24g; fat 1,2g; carbs 2,8g.

 Preparation time: 3 min


1 scoop ATP Supreme Beef protein (dark chocolate flavour)
Small amount Cold water
Optional Crushed nuts

Pudding au chocolat ATP Lab


    1. In a bowl, combine both ingredients.
    2. Mix to see a smooth and creamy texture.
    3. Put in the freezer 2h.
    4. Enjoy!

Pudding Atp Lab et ATP SBP

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