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Oui le magnésium, mais… lequel? || Yes, magnesium, but... which one?

Yes, magnesium, but... which one?

Magnesium is essential for endurance sports like cycling. It plays a key role in various biochemical processes in the body, including energy production, maintenance of muscle and nerve functions, and regularity of heart rhythm.

When it comes to magnesium, what should you know to make an informed choice?

Magnesium is one of the first minerals that the body loses through sweat, making deficiency common. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include muscle tension, backaches, and uncontrollable cramps.

Low magnesium levels can lead to cramps and muscle fatigue, negatively impacting performance, especially in endurance-focused cycling. It's important to note that magnesium is not produced by the body, so it must be obtained through diet or quality supplements.

Now, let's discuss how to choose the right magnesium for a cycling enthusiast. Firstly, not all types of magnesium have the same absorption capacity (bioavailability) in the body. Secondly, some types of magnesium may have laxative effects.

To ensure better absorption, muscle contraction, and optimal performance, look for supplements containing either magnesium glycinate or magnesium malate. Magnesium glycinate is attached to the amino acid glycine, known for its calming effect. This combination offers excellent bioavailability without causing laxative effects.

Magnesium malate, on the other hand, is favored by athletes as it contains malic acid, which reduces inflammation, promotes sustainable physical performance, and plays a crucial role in ATP synthesis and energy production. It can reduce the risk of fatigue and correct excessive fatigue issues.

In conclusion, take the time to read the labels on magnesium products and ideally look for these two ingredients. Magnesium glycinate and magnesium malate will be your best allies in optimizing your cycling performance!

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